Discovering Arno Bay, South Australia


For many travelers, taking a campervan hire trip in Australia is the ultimate dream. If you have decided to embark on the journey of your life in this road trip hotspot, then you are no doubt in for an amazing adventure full of unbelievable scenery, an abundance of activities, and wildlife galore. In all of the excitement surrounding travel in Australia, one thing that is often overlooked is the size of the country. Australia is a massive content with a number of distinct regions, so you are going to want to do careful research in order to pinpoint the areas you want to hit. If you should be planning to travel in the southern region of the country, you should most definitely look into Arno Bay. Read further to find out why.


Arno bay is located right in the heart of the world famous south Australian coast, and there is no better spot in the region to experience its joys than Foreshore. Here you will find sandy white beaches and stunning water views, not to mention endless sunshine and the scenic Arno Bay nearby. The atmosphere here is laid back and the locals are friendly. It won’t take you long to see why this spot has long been a legend amongst road trippers and backpackers. The small downtown area is charming and full of great places to eat, drink, and shop. Treat yourself to a beach day on one of the best beaches in Australia and then enjoy a nice meal in the town. This will be a great break from the road and will give you a taste of the golden south Australian shore in all its glory.

Boat Harbour

Arno Bay boasts an amazing boat harbour that offers incredible water views that you won’t soon forget. There are also an abundance of great local boats that you can check out, not to mention a wide selection of touring services if you want to get out in the water. This region has some incredible fishing opportunities, and no matter if you’re an avid fisherman or just a novice looking for an excuse to get out in the water, there will be a tour here with your name on it. Enjoy the views, have lunch by the dock, or head out on a half or day long tour that will take you out into the famous waters. The boat harbour is an absolute must for campervan hire travelers in the region.

Mangrove Board Walk

The main selling point in the region is certainly the views, and at the Mangrove Board Walk you can enjoy incredible water views from a number of different observation decks. If you were looking to have a nice barbecue of picnic with a water view, then this will be your ideal spot. There is an amazing abundance of things to do here as well, including swimming, sunbathing, fishing from the shore, canoeing and paddle boarding, not to mention some of the best bird watching in the country. The Mangrove is usually uncrowded and free of the tourists that flock to other areas in the region, so if you want some quiet time to enjoy this golden atmosphere then you will want to check this out.

Scenic Loop Drive

The Arno Bay region is about more than just the beach. The surrounding region has great sights and wildlife as well so when you are in the area it is highly advised that you take a spin out on Scenic Loop Drive. You can stop along the bay and spot dolphins and pelicans from one of the many scenic overlooks, and keep an eye out for the legendary seals that bask in the sun on the rocks on shore. Take a hike along the bay and enjoy the calm waters and the wildlife, and stay long enough to enjoy one of the stunning sunsets that the region is famous for. Further driving along the Loop will reveal the grassy marshlands and outback-style terrain that dot the scenery further away from the water, giving you a nice contrast of ith the landlocked and water areas that make Arno Bay one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

Anyone exploring the golden coast of southern Australia on a campervan hire trip should be sure to stop for a stay in Arno Bay. This scenic and laid back region features incredible sights and wildlife sighting opportunities, stunning white sand beaches, endless water views, and a friendly vibe that has been attracting travelers for many decades. Schedule in at least a full day so that you can see one of the legendary sunsets, enjoy a nice day on the beach, see some wildlife, and maybe get out on the water on one of the many boat tours on offer. Experience the gold coast in its best light. Experience Arno bay.

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