Visiting Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso: Hidden Paradise Fallen from Ijen Crater

Day by day is passing with us stuck in the box of limitations? It is almost every day we have to face deadlines, hot-headed boss, traffic jam, and air pollution. Month to month we feel like we do not have enough time to manage our obligations. We feel like we do not spend our time with our family and friends in sufficient amount of time. We always run out of time to get our life together. Anxiety comes and goes and grows as the stressor keep replicates them. It is not a sin to take a little getaway. In fact, you should take a couple days off and refresh yourself! Treat yourself with spacious and magnificent masterpiece painted by the God because you deserve it. Look for a tour to some breath-taking nature for you and your family reunited. Indonesia hides too many beauty places in the world. Behind its rich cultures that Indonesia owned, Indonesia offers you its lush green and untouched landscape. Little did people know that East Java also hides many incredible places that bring the feel like we are in paradise on earth?Bondowoso has now become the main destination for tourists who wants to explore the true beauty of nature. Blawan waterfall is one of the various destinations that deserve to be discovered. Visiting Blawan waterfall at Bondowosowith your beloved ones will renew your mind and bring you to peaceful state.

Visiting Blawan Waterfall at Bondowoso can bring you the pleasure that you need. This remarkable waterfall is positioned in Kalianyar Village, Sempol, Bondowoso, East Java. Mount Ijen transmits its water down to some place in Kalianyar and creates Blawan waterfall. The water from this waterfall will come across Situbondo and finally released to Java Sea. This fantastic waterfall drains the water from as high as 30 meters. Because of the water is dropped from a volcanic mount, Blawan waterfall contains sulfuric water that makes it yellowish and foggy. The remarkable view is exposed through misty waterfall combine with stiff cliffs and cave full of stalagmites. While you are in Blawan, you can also give a visit to DamarWulan hot spring and GuaKapur. You can wash your face in DamarWulan spring. Mythological speaking, the water of this hot spring can avoid you from aging!

Visiting Blawan Waterfall at Bondowosois entailed you to come to the centre of Bondowoso City and takes 52 kilometres using local minibus to Blawan, Kalianyar, Sempol. After you are arrived in Blawan, you have to take ojek (motorcycle taxi) to come to the Blawan waterfall ticketing window. It will cost you Rp5.000 to enter this wonderful waterfall. After you have passed the gate, you have to tackle the challenging route by foot. This will be your exciting experience. In the route to yellowish waterfall, you will be spoiled by the swanky green canyon and its refreshing air. You will also be welcomed by the birds singing beautifully. The entrance to this glorious waterfall is pretty perplexing but the first time you see this replication of Niagara’s fall, your soaking sweats will be paid.

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