Big Data Analytics Play a Major Role in Modern Hotel Hospitality These Days

It’s fair to say, not all hotel guests equal in the eyes of hotel management. Some guests book a hotel room for a one night’s stay to attend a business meeting, and they might never come back to that hotel again. Those guests are nice to have, and most of them have their own expectations, but they do little to pump up the bottom line. Hotel marketing departments don’t give those guests enough attention because they feel one-night business guests are lone wolves who have no hotel loyalty. And loyalty is the moneymaker in the hotel industry.

Hotel marketing departments rely on analytical data to increase productivity and profitability. They want the high-rollers that spend big bucks in the hotel restaurant. And they want the people who order room service like college guys who hit the Cash Five lottery and won a few bucks. Guys like that get a bucket full of modern hotel hospitality. Most hotels look for business people who come back time after and time. Those hard-working blokes also get a decent amount of modern hotel hospitality. But it’s not like the old hospitality that gave the old-fashion regal hotels their stature in the industry.

The new modern hotel hospitality is a stay for points free for all. And room discount party or an occasional free stay fiesta. Gone are the days of pampering, and the vanity talk that gave guests a feeling of belonging. Motel 6 may keep the light on for guests. But when it comes to giving guest meaningful compliments, and sincere greetings most discount hotel chains get a “big fat F.”

But there are hotels that still break a leg when it comes to providing top quality hotel hospitality. One of those hotels is the Clarendon London Serviced Apartments. London would not be London without the old fashion hospitality that wraps every guest in an unforgettable hotel experience in that 250-apartment chain.

The hotel chains in the United States are too into “yield management” to focus on true hotel hospitality. Hotel chains want to ensure every room produces the optimum yield, and data analytics does that for them. There is an “analytics first” mentality rather than hospitality first mentality in the most hotel chains. And that mentality is making guests feel like they are just money-donors instead of guests.

Hotel chains like Red Roof make their stockholders happy by building hotels near airports, so they can take advantage of the three percent airline cancellation rate that leaves more than 90,000 people stranded every day. Red Roof analytics has an ingenious mobile device marketing campaign that gave the chain visibility when weather and other flight cancellations happen. Some popular chains promote a desperate need, not hotel hospitality.

But this is the age of wham, bam, credit card, please. A warm “thank you” is missing in action at most hotels. And hotel hospitality is on the endangered species list. But there are hotels that still give instead of take. It just takes a little research to find them.

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