Several types of functions offered by portable restrooms

The only thing worse than “having to go” is having to go and having nowhere to go for the restrooms. How many times have you been to a neighbourhood party, outdoor festival or concert and wasted time trying to find a restroom? When you are set to attend an event, you want to know that you can find portable restrooms that are clean, accessible and properly equipped.

The restroom from Satellite industries are essentials for any event, do take care of them once you want to have an event at home or outside.

There are a number of portable restrooms available on the market today that offer different functions:

  • Handicap accessible units
  • Family units
  • Construction units (standard)
  • Construction units with crane placement
  • Restrooms with hand washing stations
  • Multi-stall units
  • Standard issue units

Restroom Satellite industries units that are portable come in all shapes and sizes to serve a variety of needs. Current chemical technology allows them to process more waste, in a sanitary manner, for a longer period of time. The units can be replenished with toilet paper and can have the contents easily removed/pumped by a licensed septic company. This allows the units to be useful for events of all sizes; the more people that attend and the longer the event, the more units that should be added.

A final piece of advice to consider when determining the number of units needed at an event:

  • Trend data shows that women go to the bathroom more frequently than men. If an event will have more women present that men, more units will be needed.
  • Children to go the bathroom often. A family-oriented event will require more restrooms.
  • Events with alcohol typically produce a higher demand for portable restrooms.
  • Portable restrooms need to be placed on a level surface. Be sure to keep this in mind when determining where to place units.

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