United Sates: The most beautiful and exciting place to visit

There are many beautiful places where you can go to spend your holidays and can have lot of fun. Do you know that on an average Americans take about 2.2 billion trips which are meant for both leisure and business purpose. With help of national highways system it is studied that US has 164,000 miles of highway and 1 out of every 9 jobs depend on tourism and travels.

Travelling to US by air and train

Travel the US by air is now not a difficult job as US has approximately 5,200 airports on different locations. Some of the cheapest day when you should fly there are Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday, while on the other side Friday and Sundays are the most expensive days to travel. Lunch, dawn, dinner hours and red eyes are the cheapest time when you can fly. Around 84,600 passengers ride over Amtrak passenger trains, these trains can take you to 500 different destinations in almost 46 states.

There are 58 national parks in all over the US out of which Great Smoky mountain national park is the most visited park. In 2015, around 307.2 million people visited national parks.

Iconic Landmarks to visit and famous places to go

 Some famous places to visit are Hoover Dam, Fort Sumter, The Alamo, The Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, Mount Rushmore, Golden Great Bridge, Niagara Falls, Washington Monuments and The Empire State Building.

following are the 10 most popular destinations that you should visit in US:

Palm Springs and San Diego California, Las Vegas Nevada, New York New York city, San Francisco California, Chicago Illinois, Seattle Washington, Washington DC, New Orleans Louisiana and Charleston South  Carolina.

Reason for travelling

One of the biggest reasons why people travel is to visit their family and friends. 23% visit at the time of New Year and Christmas while 54% travel at time of thanksgiving. 6% of the Long distance traveling is done by air while 3% is done through ship, bus or trains and remaining 91% by personal vehicles.

Worst travelling days of year

Spring break, day before thanksgiving, New Year’s Eve, Easter time, Christmas, Fourth of July, Fridays, Mardi gras, Memorial days, Washington DC are some of the worst travelling days.

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