What Is A Beer Bike

Beer bike is among the most popular – and unusual – activities Red Mago offers to its visitors Kota Kinabalu diving. Basically, it’s a wacky cross between sightseeing, relaxing at your favourite bar, and playing a team sport. Sounds impossible to you? Well, it’s not. We have engineered a vehicle which is controlled by sixteen people pedalling at the same time. Once the muscle-power was sorted, it wasn’t too hard to combine it with the best way to have some group fun – beer. Right in the centre of the beer bike, there’s a wooden countersteer bike with a chilled beer tap. Your group will provide the pedal power while we’ll provide you all with a driver to take you around the city. We’re just waiting for your group to climb on our Beer Bikes in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Valencia.

Think about it. The Beer Bike contains the important elements in a team-building activity. You’ll increase morale, forge better relationships, and work together on a common goal. It’s incredibly fun and relaxing too – there’s nothing a Beer Bike can’t do. Beer Bikers are known to sing their hearts out on the road, as our expert guide plays some songs while steering the team to the absolute best sites of the city. You can bring some tunes for us to play on our thumping sound system, or leave it all to us and we’ll prepare something good ourselves – what matters is that the festive spirit keeps moving.

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Beer Biking surely works up a thirst. Your team will power down some chilled beer together while seeing the best of the city you choose – definitely creating loads of positivity and a sense of a job well done. As you all sit around the rolling bar, pedalling forward and watching the beautiful city that surrounds you, an undeniable sense of fiesta is bound to elevate your mood – particularly with our chilled beer keg tapped for you all to enjoy throughout the whole ride.

Beer Biking In Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Valencia – there isn’t anything more festive than that. Tour around on our custom-made Beer Bikes and explore the most beautiful cities in the world. Make new memories, sing great songs and drink chilled beer in this incredible experience. Nothing can bond a group together more than such a cool experience of adventure and fun – Beer Bikes are celebratory events which lift the spirits of everyone involved – even the onlookers are amused.

Your team will contribute with the energy, and our guide will do all the rest. Red Mago organises activities in a way that matches your schedule, so the Beer Bike will roll whenever you want it to. Equipped with LED lights, our Beer Bike can go in the day or night – and our night rides are proven to provide amazing entertainment for all – party beats, disco lights, and your own mobile bar are all you could ask for.

Your business meetings are never going to be the same. Make your trip to Portugal or Spain spectacular – after coming all this way for an important meeting or conference, your team is going to need something cool to recharge and inspire. Something amazing, something out of the ordinary. Imagine straightening your new business connections while riding the Beer Bike!

Consider this: The Beer Bike experience features all essential aspects of successful business relationships. You’ll boost team effectiveness, move toward a common goal, and develop experiences which will create a lasting positive impression. Whether it’s night or day, when you’re in a corporate outing of quality or a busy series of meetings, Red Mago is ready to create custom, unusual, and spectacular events for your group. Simply get in touch with one of our representatives and we’ll arrange the perfect events package for you and your team.

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