Ship luggage or Backache? It’s a No-Brainer

You’re travelling 400 miles through the UK. You’re a party of two adults and three children of under ten years old. You’ve planned a week away in a cottage and aim to give the children town and country experiences.

You have two large suitcases to carry with you on your rail journey. Frankly, keeping an eye on the children whilst meeting trains and carrying the luggage fills you with dread.

Which of these options sounds more attractive to you?

You can carry your own luggage:

  • Battle through crowds.
  • Change trains twice.
  • Ask who thought a holiday was a great idea.
  • Lose your temper and possibly the will to live.
  • Get backache, headache, all-over-ache.
  • Wonder if your shoulders have been dislocated from their sockets.
  • Want to weep when you get to the cottage. The relief!
  • Sleep for the first day of your holiday to recover.


Ship luggage from door to door with luggage logistics specialists like Luggage Heroes for approximately £35 per item each way.

  • Couriers will collect your luggage at an arranged time.
  • Transport items through their extensive and highly resourced secure network.
  • Have luggage ready for delivery at your holiday cottage as promised.
  • Will offer the same convenience for your home journey.
  • You travel without your luggage which makes life simpler.
  • You’re saved from aches, pains and energy sapping carriage.
  • Move through crowds and board trains more easily.
  • You’ll arrive at your destination ready to have a thrilling holiday.
  • You wonder why you never thought of asking experts to ship luggage before.
  • Vow never to travel without professional facilities and peace of mind again.

How to book and find out more about sending luggage with experts:

  • Check online reviews to see which luggage logistics firms rate highest for service delivery.
  • Contact one of them about sending luggage door to door.
  • Discuss your needs and get a no obligation quote.
  • Remember to book outward and return journeys.
  • Book your luggage logistics with the firm.
  • Attach unique luggage labels as directed. This is vital!
  • Luggage collection is at a pre-arranged time.
  • Luggage should be locked prior to collection.
  • Couriers won’t take keys and don’t access luggage.
  • Luggage is delivered to your destination.
  • Repeat steps 7, 8, 9 and 10 for return leg UK luggage logistics.

Christmas and New Year travel

It’s not too late if you need to book Christmas and New Year luggage logistics.

Bookings can be made within a week of travel but it’s recommended that you book as soon as possible.

UK luggage logistics teams are qualified, skilled and experienced. Peak times don’t reduce the level of service you receive.

This is a period in which luggage logistics operatives prove their mettle. Your luggage won’t be shipped to the Scottish Highlands instead of the correct destination. These guys are experts.

Don’t struggle. Ship luggage ahead and start your holiday from home not when you reach your destination and recover.

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